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Children - Songs - Sensations Concerts. Berlin's best children's songwriters are finally back together on the Astrid Lindgren stage. Six in one go Children sunday - dinosaurs, pterosaurs and ammonites Workshop.

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On the children's sundays, if you are between 8 and 12 years old, you can do your own research, experimenting, microscopy, and getting creative. Children' s ballet - The Nutcracker Ballet. It's Christmas Eve. After the wonderful festivities, little Klara falls into a deep sleep. She dreams of a fantastic journey to the fairytale sugar country, accompanied by the nutcracker, her most beautiful gift. The Kiezchoristen invite, under the direction of Marion Haak-Schulenburg, to a special festival concert.

But you can hear it. And even feel it. Stagehand Robin knows all about music. Anmeldung ab 1. Oktober Read more. Anmeldung ab 6. Januar Read more. It is a celebration that primarily the family spends together. Christmas concert for children Concerts.

Christmas story Reading.

The choir of the district centre in the tower sings Christmas carols. Christmas with the little rabbit Puppet Theatre. Tonight is Christmas! Who will take care of the gingerbread, lights, and Christmas decorations? Does Christmas have to be cancelled?

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Cinderella Puppet Theatre. Puppet and object theatre after a fairytale from Brothers Grimm.

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In German, 45 min. The ringmaster, the hare Pauli and the over-dedicated artist Waldemar vie for the favor of the children. The circus director, a famous artist, controls the flying things like no other and… Read more. Improv Comedy. The Berlin Center for Humor We lift the skirts and show some leg. We pluck the stockings and let the beautiful knuckles rattle. We hang out the laundry and ask the winds to blow.


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Coding in the Library Family. Open event for children from 8 years in the library's function room. To tinker on robots? Write your own computer program? Dancing, pottery and tumult at Kunsthaus Flora Workshop. Situated in the idyllic village of Mahlsdorf, surrounded by an extensive settlement area that has been developed since the middle of the 19th century, the Kunsthaus Flora has always been a place of diverse uses and a traditional venue for cultural events.

The akademie der autodidakten Academy of Autodidacts invites children from 4 to 12 years of age with their parents to five children's book readings that show various realities and bring stories to the stage that deal with children "like us". Eddy Bellegueule grew up in a village in the north of France. Mother and father dropped out of school early on and, like all residents, work in the brass factory or as nurses for the elderly.


The family only uses the most necessary words to switch between… Read more. Das kleine Ich bin ich Family.

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The little I am I am a living something. A little thing that starts to march in search of his place in life. It wonders, "Who am I? The permanent exhibition invites the visitor to engage in an interactive fashion with the conditions of life as they existed in the former East Germany.

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The famous story of the cat in boots who, with wisdom, wit and courage, manages to turn a poor miller boy into the rich Marquis Carabas. Premiere Children. Der kleiner Wassermann Play. We do apologize that the following information is currently only available in German. Die Biene im Kopf The bee in the head Family. Imagine you wake up one morning and suddenly you're a bee in a level 1 game: you crawl over your pillow, take off and fly. Your room looks completely different from above. Your old ruler on the cupboard! Level 2: In the kitchen you are a child again and… Read more.

All evil things are three: three wide black coats and three tall black hats can hunt you down a shiver. Especially when coats and hats are armed with a thunderbolt, a bellows with pepper, and a giant red ax, and three dark companions underneath. The three… Read more. Die fabelhaften Millibillies Play. The girl has dreamed of a whole band: drums, guitar, keyboard and bass. And suddenly a boy emerges from her class and does not want to disappear from her dream!

Half as bad - the children go on a journey together.