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Gleitman, Henry Gleitman. Grammar as an Underground Process. On the Mechanics of Emma. Back Matter Pages About this book Introduction It is obvious that the growing child manifests an increasing understanding of his language and facility to use it. Scattered evidence also shows, however, that children become progressively more aware of language as Zanguage. It is interesting to consider in what ways the internal structure and mechanisms of language become more accessible. As previous work on linguistic awareness was largely amorphous, we first organized a kind of conference workshop with some of those who had worked in the area.

The aims of this meeting were to map out the field of study, detail the phenomena of interest, and define major theoretical issues. The meeting took place just after the creation of the project group, on May , The participants were psychologists and linguists who had either published work on metalinguistic issues in child language, or who could be expected to contribute substantially to the discussion. This book is a direct outcome of that conference, though it is not a complete reflection of the papers presented, or of the discussion that took place.

Kleinkind Sprachbewusstsein Spracherwerb Vorschulkind language linguistics psycholinguistics. Just let me know. These long chilly winter nights are a great time for reading stories with your children! Dress in layers, our classroom is often chilly! December 17, Friday December 21 is our last day of school; dismissal will be at noon following lunch.


We have a very busy week ahead:. Caroling at the Butcher and Pantry at If you would like to contribute either fresh fruit, veggie sticks and dip, or holiday napkins to our holiday class party please let me know. So far we have donations of crackers and cheese and plates.

The temperature varies greatly in our room throughout the day and many children are chilly, so it would be a great idea to send in a sweatshirt that could stay in school to be used as needed. There is no Show and Tell or Forest Friday this week. Happy Holidays! Enjoy the break!

December 10, ABS Holiday Concert. Thursday December 20, ABS Gym. Everyone is invited! If you would like to contribute, please bring in your donation by Thursday the 20 th. On the 21 st we are planning to go caroling at the Butcher and Pantry at Some of the older students will be joining us.

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December 3, We are planning to continue with our Forest Friday adventures throughout the winter; please make sure your child has boots, snow pants, a hat, and mittens. We have warm wool socks for the children to wear if needed. For Show and Tell on Thursday please bring in something that is a 2-D shape: a circle, square, rectangle, or triangle. After exploring pattern blocks the children will experiment with a pattern block template.

The challenge will be to create a pattern block creature using the template! Mark your calendars for December 20; the holiday performance is scheduled from in the ABS gym. All are welcome!


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I would like to have a special holiday snack Friday the 21st, the last day before vacation. If you are interested in contributing to the snack party please email me at mkcronin wsesu. Some suggested contributions are:. Paper cups and napkins,. Juice or cider,. Cheese and crackers,. Sliced fruits,. Sliced vegetables and dip. Thanks to all who came to parent conferences! If you have any additional questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me. You can always check for our Kindergarten Chronicle and pictures of our activities at our classroom web page by going to wsesu.

Happy Thanksgiving! November 12, There is no school Friday due to parent conferences.

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Your conference is scheduled for. The children are making great progress in being able to isolate and identify the sounds they hear short vowel words. If you would like to place a book order, please place your online order or return your check and Scholastic order form by Tuesday November 6. Last week in Forest Friday we gathered materials to create a worm habitat. We have been learning about the life cycle of a pumpkin, so we brought our classroom pumpkin out into the garden so we could continue the cycle. Our plan is to observe the process of decomposition.

Thanks for signing up for a parent conference! Your conference is scheduled for:.

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For Show and Tell on Thursday please bring in something beginning with the letter Pp. October 29, Parent conferences begin soon. Please sign up for a conference time on this paper and return it to me. Come with any questions or concerns you would like to discuss about your child. Please sign up for a conference time and return this paper to me:. Thursday November Friday November 16,. Please email me at mkcronin wsesu. Thanks, looking forward to meeting with you!

Show and Tell on Thursday is for the letter Kk.

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If you would like to place a scholastic book order please either send your check and order form or fill it out online. By Tuesday Nov 6. The goal is to listen to a couple books about bats, and then participate in a shared writing activity focused on bat information. After partner sharing their ideas the children will be asked to draw and label a picture, and then state information from the text. See how many times you can use these words in conversations with your child! Just ask a kindergartener. Show and Tell on Thursday is to bring in something beginning with the letter Aa.

Last week we examined tulip bulbs and began our planting preparations. Each year the kindergarten plants a bed of Red Emperor tulips, checks it all winter, and delights in the spring blooms. Parent question to child: What are you looking forward to today? October 15, How many different ways can you find to make the number?

At this point the children have learned to write the lowercase formation and to identify the sound of the letters a, b, f, g, I, m, n, o, t, and u. We are jumping into Guided Reading this week. We will be reading some emergent level texts as a whole group and then each child will have their own reading log to read independently at their level.

Please check the newsletter each week for the focus for Show and Tell. We spend approximately three hours in the woods each Friday morning so please wear appropriate clothing for the weather. If you have not done so yet, please send a labeled zip locked bag with a change of clothes for your child. October 9, If you would like to order through the October Scholastic Book Club, please place your order online or return your form by October Some of the topics we have been working on so far this fall are: to identify the attributes of two related objects, to classify to make categories and count, to understand different configurations of numbers to 5, and to show evidence of recognizing embedded numbers such as seeing 5 as 2 and 3, or as 4 and 1.

For Show and Tell on Thursday please bring in something beginning with the letter Mm. So far we have learned the lowercase formations of b, c, f, i, m, n, and t. Last week we wrote opinion pieces of our favorite apple tree season. Reminders: Wednesday is always library book return day, Thursday is always Show and Tell, and Friday is always Forest Friday Wear appropriate clothing for the weather.

Please send a labeled zip locked bag with a change of clothes for your child.