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The writing is exquisite; the characterization rich; and the setting wonderfully and lovingly rendered in superb detail. We are introduced to the whirlwind environment of s Paris in all its queer, smoky glory through the eyes of Rafaela Fano, an Italian American Jew who is also experiencing it for the first time.

Also: they fall in love. Alma Rosales is a woman who wears many masks. Any way she can get the information.

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Her so-called bad behavior—including fudging her gender to get the job done—has got her in trouble with her former employer, the Pinkerton Detective Agency. Is she able to keep track of all her cover stories? And most importantly: who can she really trust? Set in the fascinating period of transition from paganism to Christianity in 7 th century Britain, Hild is about a young woman of the same name.

The king takes her in as a seer as her powers for observation and prophecy become apparent. If she leads the king down the wrong path, it could spell disaster, not only for her but for everyone who is important to her.

Giselle Renarde

Hild is full of political strife, religious complexities, medieval sexuality, and fully realized women characters that will transplant you into the past. This is an ambitious, wide-reaching novel that is at once historical, spiritual, magical, and fantastical. It reimagines and brings queer Black women from the past into the spotlight. Hopkinson does this so well, but she also refuses to stay within the bounds of realist historical fiction. Interwoven narratives follow three women in different time periods: Mer, a loving but hard woman and a doctor, midwife, and plantation slave in mid 18 th century Saint Domingue Haiti ; Jeanne Duval, a biracial woman living in 19 th century Paris who was a long-term lover and muse of the French poet Charles Baudelaire; and Saint Mary of Egypt, aka Thais, who is a indentured sex worker in the 4 th century working towards her freedom.

Set in Nigeria and inspired by its folktales and by its civil war, Under the Udala Trees follows the journey of Ijeoma as she comes of age along with her country.

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As she struggles with identity and selfhood, so does the nation. When the war breaks out in , Ijeoma is an year-old girl. Sent away from home for her own safety, Ijeoma meets another displaced girl from a different ethnic group. They fall in love. And hide it she does, for decades of her life to come. She even hides it through marriage to a man and through childbirth and child rearing. When the burden of hiding this part of herself becomes too heavy to bear, Ijeoma makes some risky attempts to find queer community. There, as the novel winds down, is a sliver of light at the end of the tunnel.

This novel takes place alternately in old Hollywood moving through the decades of the 20 th century and in the present day. Most of all this is Evelyn Hugo herself, who is one of the best bisexual characters I have ever encountered. Be prepared to cry tears of joy and sadness. You should read this book if you love historical queer fiction. Language: English.

Published: November 17, by eXcessica Publishing. Words: 19, Published: October 12, by eXcessica Publishing. In this collection, find six chilling tales of the paranormal from award-winning author Giselle Renarde. Go ahead. Stay up late with haunting stories of vampire lust, ghostly encounters, succubus sex and more! Words: 12, Published: August 27, by eXcessica Publishing. Former model Szuszu has survived on scotch for as long as she can remember.

When her best friend posts a personal ad on her behalf, Szuszu expects a doppelganger. Naomi finds Szuszu's post hilarious, and Szuszu who refuses to wear glasses thinks Naomi looks just like her. What could ensue but love, lust and laughs? Words: 17, Published: May 19, by eXcessica Publishing. He still wants her. Join Mercy as she sells sex to an ex in five erotic stories by Giselle Renarde. Words: , Published: April 13, by eXcessica Publishing. Anyone can fall for a bad boy, but it takes a special girl to surrender to a guy who drives her crazy. Sexy, sweaty love prevails in five lusty tales of girls falling for guys who are strictly forbidden!

Words: 8, Published: December 13, by eXcessica Publishing. Carver thought his stepsister was nothing but a goody-goody college student… until he saw her on stage! Turns out his stepsister is a sexy stripper by night!

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Words: 35, Published: September 29, by eXcessica Publishing. Daddies and daughters, brothers and sisters, twins, cousins and more! Six sexy stories certain to satisfy: Talk Dirty to me, Daddy!

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Words: 9, Published: August 24, by eXcessica Publishing. There are some things John will never have. And then one night John awakes to an empty bed. Where does he find Prudence? By the fire pit in the woods, naked and tied to a log, surrounded by a group of local men who are geared up and ready to go. Published: April 17, by eXcessica Publishing. Where did this Seth guy come from and why is Wesley acting so weird around him? A wise old woman claims they're dealing with an incubus. Jolene will sacrifice anything to save Wesley, but can she possibly defeat Seth?

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Words: 14, Published: February 26, by eXcessica Publishing. Clarice has a problem only an Anal Angel can resolve. Melanie and her domme humiliate an old friend during a school reunion. These girls are ready to lick butt and take names. Are you ready to join them? Published: January 27, by eXcessica Publishing. Get ready to get wet with this wild collection of salacious golden shower stories! Enjoy three titillating tales from award-winning erotica author Giselle Renarde!

Published: September 30, by eXcessica Publishing. Her lesbian sitter knows the answer. Words: 5, Published: June 24, by eXcessica Publishing. Clarice has problems only Anal Angel can resolve. She has no idea the product comes with an actual angel whose tongue can cure her most troubling ache. Words: 6, Published: March 25, by eXcessica Publishing. When did I find out my first time would be given to Our Leader?

qygopupapapy.tk After we come of age, we submit to the one man who is more than man, more than human. He is our high priest, godly in stature. His seed must be spread among every young woman at the commune. Each of us will bear a babe for him, each wife in turn. Today my time has come. Words: 45, Published: October 16, by eXcessica Publishing. Ruth loves her husband, but she keeps secrets from him. When a notoriously lesbian neighbour returns from Art School in Montreal, Ruth finds herself unmistakeably attracted.

Agnes is quirky, creative, and significantly younger. After twenty-five years married to a man, can Ruth find a place in her life for ambiguous, artsy Agnes?

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Words: 16, Published: September 19, by eXcessica Publishing. All Callie needs is a weekend away from real life. Is that really too much to ask? Is she angry? Not after falling into bed with two young men and a bottle of Kahlua! Or will family issues throw shade on Callie's sunny getaway? Words: 23, Published: August 28, by eXcessica Publishing. Fertile Girls features young women who get much more than they bargained for after giving themselves to forbidden men.