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We read that with interest as we follow his life from childhood up to the time just before his marriage. I really like to read memoirs to view the life of others as they live it. I found this to be a book with humorous parts and one with a complacent air about it. As we follow him on his journey from Pakistan to London, Scotland and to farther west, we tend to stop and reflect how it would have been for him to go into a different county with his religion and culture and to be treated like an outcast.

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One can either make a success out of one's life wherever one is or be a failure. Imran chose to be a success. I feel most people will enjoy this book if it is their type of genre. Kindle Book Giveaway! School, Library or Charity?

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Excerpt & Giveaway: The Perfect Gentleman by Julie Cooper

Thank you for a chance at the giveaway! Hi Carole, thanks for stopping by. I will have to take some pics of the house or rather, post some pics because I have taken many! LOved the excerpt. I concur with your assessment with Mrs Bennet. For this story and even the original. The mother hen just always takes care of her little chicks that's why she acts that way. Thank you for this engaging excerpt.

Looking forward to reading this. Yes, that's how I see her, guarding her babies. It's not to say that she goes the best way about it, but I think it's at the root of her motivation.

Becoming the Perfect Gentleman by The Perfect Gentleman

Glad you enjoyed the post! I am so intrigued by your storyline. Looking forward to reading it - thanks for the giveaway! I thought it was a premise from way outside the box, Lily, and was very interested to see how it would play out! Good luck in the giveaway. Oh boy, Mrs. Bennet and Wickham have a pass That's definitely a new twist.

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  • Excerpt & Giveaway: The Perfect Gentleman by Julie Cooper.

Can't wait to read this story! I have to use my computer to actually get a comment posted Hi Dung.


Yes, both Mrs Bennet and Elizabeth have met a man called Wickham, and he left a lasting impression on Elizabeth. Thanks for the feedback regarding the difficulty with comments. I'm pretty sure it's an incompatability between blogger and Safari.

It doesn't seem as though blogger are trying to fix it. I have to decide whether to take the plunge and switch platforms. On the one hand, I want everybody to be able to join in, but the problem is having the time to learn new software and make the move. I'm starting to think that I'm going to have to do it though : Thank you so much for taking the time to visit the blog on your computer so you could comment! Oh my, what a premise! Thanks for the great review, Ceri! Off to Amz. This sounds like a fabulous read! It's a premise that's outside the box, isn't it, Joana!

Hope you enjoy it when you read it. Thanks for the review Oh, Elizabeth and sculpting?! Another sooo lovely twist!

The Perfect Gentleman ✔

I liked that too, Agnes. I saw a promo picture for the novel, which was a veiled face of a lady, in marble I think. It's just like one in the novel that Lizzy makes, once she moves on from sculpting into clay into working with harder materials. What a lovely and spoiler-free review, Ceri. From what I read of the blurb, this is totally different from canon which is sometimes a good thing. I'll be sure to add the Perfect Gentleman to my tbr list.

enter Hi Luthien! I like to go a bit further off canon sometimes. It's interesting to see where an author thinks the same characters will differ and how their lives will end up. Love this book Julie. So happy to join you on your blog tour. Congratulations on a job well done!

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